January 31, 2011

~warkah cinderella 68~ !!Journey of Life!!

Journey of Life

Life is not a destination but a journey of searching for meaning, understanding, and ultimately happiness. We do not necessarily characterize our dreams as journeys because there is a sense in our waking journey that sometimes affected by our most powerful or memorable dreams. Many dreams include needing to travel from A to Z before progress is made to complete the dream task. During this travelling, we must be brave enough to take the challenges. The challenges may be uncooperative or contrary. The travelling machines may be magically powerful and may be unreliable. Sometimes, we are simply walking across a field, down a road, up a hill, through the forest, or along the cliffs on our journey. The environment around us along the way can be familiar, strange, friendly, anxiety-ridden and a host of other possibilities. The purpose of travelling and companion along the way can be significant.

The journey is a symbol for trying to find what is needed to bring life into equilibrium. This is the task of finding the best place in the universe. It could be characterized as the archetypal search for the most authentic self. In either of these metaphors, there is the idea that our souls tend to be a little restless at times. The journey is the task of finding out what the soul needs to quiet that restlessness. In waking life, this is played out by the need change feeling by oneself that crops up every now and then. The process of individuating oneself from the expectations and influences of others conjures feelings along these lines. In dreaming, we often travel alone and leaving others behind by choice or necessity to find our next task is. Along the way, who we meet and what we partake in may reveal much about conscious self which where our individual struggle is in the waking. We may encounter strangers with whom there is an adversarial relationship or a romantic love one, mystical strangers who unlock unknown powers within us or withdraw particular powers from us. In either case, the journey is our personal goal, and how we experience others during the process says much about relationships of our waking world. In journey of life, we will going to have more knowing me - knowing you session where you can learn to understand people better.

Quotes : " All of life is a journey which paths we take, what we look back on, and what we look forward to is up to us. We determine our destination, what kind of road we will take to get there, and how happy we are when we get there."

January 28, 2011

~warkah cinderella 67~ !!Kau Yang Bernama C.I.N.T.A!!

Dear mr blog!!
pkol 4 pg!!
waktu2 sy sgt aktif n kreatif di usm dulu!!

sy kembali menghangatkan kesejukan pagi!!
kembali aktif untuk meluahkan rase terpendam!!
sgt byk utk diluahkan!!
tp sy memerlukan saat yg indah utk meluahkan rasa..

sgt hot topik ni bile umo da menjelang suku abad!!
siyesly da dekat2 ngn wedding my bro ni lg cm terase..
lg terase bile my kazen yg muda setaun dr sy cm da nk bertunang soon..
so skrg jwpn yg perlu di berikan ialah bg adeq2 kawen dulu!!

sy cm nk wat satu pengakuan yg sgt ikhlas dr hati..
pintu hati sy suda kembali terbuka..
thanks kt awak, awak, awak, awak dan KAU YANG BERNAMA CINTA!!

Khas untuk Kau Yang Bernama Cinta!

Kau Yang Bernama Cinta!!
Kau hadir secara tiba-tiba..
Aku!! ye aku telah jatuh cinta!!
Bukan kerana rupa..
bukan kerana harta..
tp kerana iman di dada!!
aku xpasti engkau kepunyaan ku atau si dia di luar sana!!
hanya Allah yg Esa mengetahui semua..
aku mampu melihat..
tidak mampu berkata-kata..
menaruh rasa yg semakin menyiksa..
aku takot utk berharap..
takot terluka buat sekian kalinya..
lalu aku hanya melihatmu dr jauh..
agar aku tahu engkau sentiasa bahagia..
jika engkau milikku..
aku sentiasa berdoa agar kita disatukan..
jika engkau milik si dia..
ku doakan kau terus bahagia...
terima kasih aku ucapkan...
kau hadir memberikan ku rasa..
utk mengisi kekosongan di jiwa..
wlupown kau ku xpasti milik siapa..
namun aku gembira kerana kau telah membuatkan ku percaya..
gagal sekali bercinta xmungkin gagal selamanya!!


"Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, falling in love with you was beyond my control!"

January 26, 2011

~warkah cinderella 66~ !!a little girl story about life!!

Dear mr blog!
It's really a long time i didn't stop by to tell u about my life and wateva i've done in a few weeks in January!! Soon Jan 2011 will be ended n comes Feb 2011!! so many event in dis coming Fabulous February!!

Here i come as a little girl entered story telling competition!!
to many story i want to tell eu mr blog but......

little girl,
let's start story telling!!

currently i still unemployed but i am doing part time which is home tuition!!
I have 10 students in January and soon to be 12 students in February!! Insyaallah!!
I do my best to take responsibility to be the great educator!!
I took so many seconds, minutes, hours, days to look deep inside my heart what am i into!!
Then i found out that teaching is my passion!!
I love to teach people!!
I love children!!
I love to share knowledge!!
I love everything dat related with teaching!!
I love to be a TEACHER!!


J - Just learned seriously to take responsibility!!
A - As a daughter, i learned seriously how to take a good care of my parents!!
N - Now, it's a right time to take challenges!!
U - Unsure about my self and full of question during first week of jan!!
A - As a teacher, i'm too strict towards my students!!
R - Rest!! dis month i don't have enough rest!! it's all about house, nephews, wedding!! too tired!!
Y - Yes!! He makes me deeply fall in love with him!! (Sick about love!!)

okay!! now i want to write about activities dis month!!
my brother getting married soon so there a lot of work i need to finish before d-day..
cleaning house, rearranging furniture, painting wall with a bright color to make bride happy, buy a few things regarding d ceremony and so..so..so..so..so..on!!!!

then i still follow my schedule to play sports!!
i do love sports!!
every wednesday n sunday i will go to jjb danau for playing badminton!!
exercising is really good to keep fit n healthy!! (lucky i'm not engaged with fever dis month!!)
and last sunday (23-01-2011) my friends and i took a new challenge!! we went for hiking at Broga Hill Semenyih!! I'm so excited about dat!! 1st time in my life watch sunrise!! i'm not even blink my eyes to see every moment that the sun rises!! subhanallah!! it's so beautiful!!
and now i'm still in the mood to go there again!! =)
next week i will go to Terengganu where d BESTDAY of my bro life start!! I don't even have any baju kurung to wear at d BESTDAY!! tomorrow i will going to find a beautiful baju kurung to wear so that when i'm back from there i will get BOYFRIENDS!! hahaha..just kidding =)

interview session!!
i know dat i will get d position!!
i look deep inside my heart and sacrifice is needed!!
it's not about money but it's all about happiness!!
thanks to GEMS trainer dat teach me how to well groom!!
and i tried once and they keep repeating dat i'm well-groomed!!
thanks again and again!! thank u very much!! =)

too many dat i've planned for my life dis month!!
hope everything goes smoothly!!
just a few days we are enter new month!!

waiting some miracles gonna happened!!

p/s: little girl just entered story telling competition for d first time!! =)

January 7, 2011

~warkah cinderella 65~ !!Tulisan Tangan!!

dear mr blog..
aritu saje je layan kuiz kt fb..
pasal tulesan tangan..
so details ni de kt bawah..
rase-rase de x cam ciri2 saye??

1: Seseorang yang menulis dengan kuat tekanannya- Sihat, cergas, pantas dan sedikit agresif.

2: Tulisan Bulat-Bulat- Emosional, prihatin, pengasih penyayang, kepekaan tinggi dan banyak memakai otak di sebelah kanan (otak kreatif).

3: Tegak- Systematic, mudah kawal diri, suka berkawan tetapi tak cari kawan sebaliknya kawan cari dia, tak suka gaduh-gaduh, suka ambil jalan tengah.

4: Jarang-jarang- Tak suka campur orang, kurang mesra dan sedikit boros.

5: Huruf JGYZ yang sempurna - Tahap emosi yang dipamer itu jelas, pengasih & penyayang, pemurah, mudah kesian pada orang, mempamerkan tahap kerajinan.

January 1, 2011

~warkah cinderella 64~ !!Wishlist!!

dear mr blog..
here is my wishes for 2011..
i think it is not too late!!

Azam saye pade tahun 2011 :
  1. lebih mendekatkan diri kepadaNYA serta berubah ke arah yang lebih baek dan berusaha dengan bersungguh2 untuk kejayaan di dunia dan AKHIRAT.
  2. berjaya membahagiakan kedua ibubapa saye serta menjadi anak yang taat dan hormat kepada kedua ibubapa saye.
  3. berubah dari sikap2 yg tidak baek kepada yg lebih baek seperti mengumpat mahupon mengata org laen!!
  4. dibukakan pintu hati untuk menerima jodoh atau cinta yang dikurniakanNYA untuk saye.
  5. dipercepatkan bertemu jodoh agar menghindarkan perkara2 yg dilarang.
  6. diberi kejayaan di dunia dan akhirat iaitu kebahagiaan akhirat yg dicari.
  7. saye ingin memulakan menulis diari hidup saye.
  8. saye teringin nak wat love letter for Mr Cinta!!
  9. menurunkan berat badan ke tahap yg tersangat ideal!! (hopefully)
  10. meneruskan perjuangan hidup di dunia ini dengan menuntut ilmu dan memberi ilmu kepada sesama manusia.
  11. semoga apa yg dihajati sama ada bertulis atau tidak dapat dipenuhi dengan jayanya..

semoga tahun 2011 memberi lebih kebahagiaan buat hati ini..
semoga tahun 2011 lebih mematangkan fikiran ini..
semoga tahun 2011 membuang segala rasa benci dan menyemai rasa kasih dan sayang dalam hati ini..
semoga tahun 2011 ini membawa jutaan keberkatan buat diri ini...