April 21, 2016

~Warkah Cinderella 131~!! Wishlist!!

Hello Mr B..

Happy new year.. Hahahahahaahaha..
Since today is April 20th, I just passing by to say hello to you.. It's already 4 months in 2016.. How time flies so fast.. I'm sorry because I'm too busy to handle mylife.. Still single lady with beautiful heart that waiting for his Prince charming to come..

Finally this year I've decided to get married.. When?? Hahahahahaahaha..
The answer is 2017.. (hoping that Prince charming comes as fast as he can) lol... Let's pray together for the best of 2016..

Mr B that I love the most,

I think that I started to fall in love again last month.. With whom?? Of course with him.. Lol.. The one that really appreciate eventhough the small things and has really sweet voice.. Hahahahaha.. Angau dah aku!

Btw, I just enjoying myself at the age of late twenties.. Being single is not a crime right?? Btw, it's hard for someone that as loyal as me to fall in love again.. I try to fall once but it seems that guy don't like me.. Lol.. Life is to short to feel sad.. I just pray the best for mylife this year..

Yes! Finally I wrote something in 2016.. Hoping more stories to be share later..

Wishlist 2016

1) Meet and plan marriage event with future husband.
2) Buy house (loan bank jugak).
3) 150g gold??
4) Kurus dengan jayanya!

All d best ayu!

With Love,