December 14, 2014

~warkah cinderella 124~ !!December 2014!!

Assalammualaikum and hye Mr B..
It's been a while since my last post..
At the end of the year i'm jobless..
Don't know which path should I take..
Don't know either where should I go, left or right..
I lost in my journey of life..
And it is December 2014..

Lately, so many things happened in my life.. I just don't know and keep on moving.. Everything is missing in my life.. Career?? Relationship?? But I am blessed that I have the best parents in the world.. They went for umrah almost 2 weeks and I learned how important they are in my life.. How I really missed my mom and my dad..How I need to be strong being alone in my own house.. And I had fever because I really missed my parents..
And it is December 2014..

A few days, I keep dreaming about a guy that always be by my side and unfortunately I don't really know him.. He is lovable and always protect me from dangers..and still can't recognised him till today.. I can't see his face.. But I know he is everywhere whenever I need him..
And it is December 2014..