September 7, 2015

~Warkah Cinderella 128~!!September 2015!!

Assalammualaikum and hye to all readers..

Hello Mr B that I love the most..
It's been a long long long time I didn't write anything here.. I'm the busiest Lady with a beautiful hearts.. Eceh!

Last month was my born month.. August lalalalalalala.. Alhamdulillah, Allah gives me unexpected gifts.. Wish granted! Thank you Allah..

Eventhough so many hard times i've been thru, Alhamdulillah Allah still gives me chances to be who I am today.. I feel grateful to have loveable and supportive  parents in the world..

Until today, me myself and I just happy being me.. Being fall in love with my ownself makes me feel happy and great day by day.. I become so loveable and enjoying myself alot!

This month, I met Mr Clash after 6 years we didn't meet each other (as mentioned by him).. It's good to see u again.. Nothing to say just all d best in whatever you're doing..

My student will take UPSR tomorrow and all d best to u! I know u can do it!

Currently I just want to have enough rest as I can.. Too tired to handle all the events that come into my life..

As happy as Cinderella, I just wish the Prince will come as faster as he can and Cinderella can go to school again!!