May 2, 2012

~warkah cinderella 97~ !!It's May Again!!

Dear Mr B that I love the most..

May just arrives..The weather, the wind, the smell of May as nice as my feelings..My heart feels relief when entering this month..I hope that May bring so much happiness and love for me..I feel so blessed today..

Dear Mr Chenta,

Thank you so much because gave me a chance to have a date with you after 4 years being single..Thank you so much because of you I can cut my hair..Thank you so much for giving me a chance to learn how to be in loved with someone again..Thank you so much for the treat and your time for me..Thank you so much for everything..Thank you so much by hurting my feelings too =) Thank you so much because makes me mad for a week just thinking of you..Thank you so much dear..I accept the fate that we are not meant to be together..I wish that you will married someone that can understand you the most..

Dear Mr Handsome,

Thank you for everything..Thank you for make me fall in love with you..Thank you for all advice that you gave..Thank you for make me crying..Thank you for make me waiting for you..Thank you for not replying my message and this is the best way to make me forget you..Thank you so much and goodbye dear..I wish that you will find the best future wife to take care of you..It is not easy to let go but I will try my best =)

Dear My Soul Mate @ My Future Husband,

I wish that you were here with me..sharing all the happiness and sadness moments..teach me what is love and what is life..make me smiles every single second..make me feels in love in every breath..hold my heart as tight as you hold my me to be a good wife and also to be a good mother for our children..I wish that you are my special birthday present this year~ Please open your heart as I open my heart for us to be together.. I LOVE YOU & I MISS YOU SO MUCH MY SOUL MATE @ MY FUTURE HUSBAND..