June 29, 2011

~warkah cinderella 81~ !!when hearts tell the world!!

Dear Mr Blog..
Yesterday, i felt so horrible..
Maybe I'm too tired for the whole month!!

One month I didn't update in this wall...

Buat Apple Gracie..
saya ucapkan takziah di atas pemergian ibu awak...
be strong dear...
saya tahu awak seorg yg tabah dari dulu lagi...
kita sama2 doakan agar ibu awak ditempatkan dgn org2 beriman..
Dari DIA kita datang kepada DIA juga kita pergi...
I heart u dear..don't be sad..redha!!

Currently, I'm still working with this  company..
I mean it..it's already 3 months..yeay!!
I can't believe myself about this..
Previous year, the longest month that I'm working with was 2 months..
Alhamdulillah I've no feeling want to unemploy again..
But I'm seeking for a new job!! lol...
why??? lalalalalala....

I STILL do a part time job!!
Because it is my passion..
6 month being a teacher..
okay not a teacher just part time tutor...
this coming september..
ya!!! my 1st batch year 6 students will take UPSR!!
Fresh start from junior level!!
I only have 2 month to teach them..
I'm work hard on it but they seem not appreciate it...
But right now I must be positive and always support them to score in their examination..
I hope they do well and success!!
Then another month followed my 1st batch form 3 student to take A BIG BIG Examination!!
PMR!! not really big but that exam lead us to what we want to be!!
My student is a girl and I don't know how to handle..
whatever it is I want to make sure she cried right now not later!!
I really hope that she will get a good result..
why?? because her mother always asked me to ensure that her daughter get a good result...
I really hate that students have mobile phone!! they can't focus in a class!!
in their mind only BOYFRIENDS!!!!

My currently job in the office, just facebook-ing...
Angry birds also DONE!!
May month of Hari Belia Negara!!
I do join as organizer and learn many things..
can talk with upper level??? lol
okay now I'm looking for a better future...

In my mind : 
  1. My job...camp....outstation....GAJI??? (duit penting skrg)
  2. My family.........as a good daughter??
  3. My students............9 pax......dizzy :)
  4. My studies.................not settle yet!!
  5. My ambition.......look further...
  6. My progress in investment???
  7. My dream car???.......fiight with bro!! xbest....
  8. My life??? ...... planning??? unplanned????
  9. My siblings...
  10. My grandfather..huk2..tgh saket terok...
  11. .....
  12. .....
  13. .....
too many things need to think of...
my youngest sister said 
"kak lang rambut kau da nak botak da depan, sudah2 la berfikir".
I can't stop thinking until my cousin said
"u need a pen and a book then write it out, no need to burden your mind..
your face look older than your age"...
suddenly i realized that i'm getting older...
busy thinking for others than myself...
i choose to write it here and there...
then my mind released from  A BIG BURDEN!!
I'm happy for that =)

My friend asked me questions..

Mr Q : Do you have a bf???
Me : errrr.....
Mr Q : Is it  Mr L is your bf?? kacak siot!! patot la kau suke je...
Me : eh!!! bukan la....don't say like that.. Dia org punye la...
Mr Q : so do u have bf??
Me : I don't have one and i don't want bf laaa.....

Do you want to why I'm still single????
Here is the answer....
I've set my heart free until God sends me an angel to tie my heart back.. ♥

Don't asked me the same question again......penat la nak jawab....
How i want to handle my boyfriend in my condition now??
I'm not even have time to pamper myself...

okay la..xmaw sedih2 dah...
kalau sedih igt ayat ni yerp...
special dedicate to all friends out there...

When too many things in your head, don't cry. Just take out a pen and a book so you can write it out. Don't hold it in your mind cause it is really heavy to carry it everywhere. Same goes with relationship, if it ended then don't leave it in your heart, leave it out of the world. Maybe you can send it to the Mars!! =)

P/s : zaman da canggih..people love blogging n vlogging..maybe need notebook or playbook!! can update blog everywhere right??? lol  =)

June 22, 2011

~warkah cinderella 80~ !!Apabila Mata Yang Memandang!!

Dear Mr B..
Sudah lama tidak bertandang di sini..
Terlalu sibuk hinggakan tiada kesempatan untuk menulis..
Sekadar menjengah sahaja..
Terlalu banyak hendak dikongsi..
Tetapi masa terlalu mencemburui kita..

Apabila mata yang memandang..
Hati-hati kerana dunia terlalu luas untuk di pandang..

Setiap perbuatan pasti ada mata yang memandang..
Setiap perbuatan pasti mengundang cemburu di hati..
Setiap perbuatan pasti terusik di jiwa dan minda..

Oh dunia..
Terus tabah dan cekal untuk meneruskan perjuangan di dunia..
Belajarlah selagi mampu..
Belajarlah dari kehidupan untuk terus berjaya di dunia dan akhirat..
Terus mengejar setiap yang ada di dunia mahupun untuk kebaikan di sana..
Bersemangatlah wahai rakan!!
Terus kan berlari dan belajarlah dari kehidupan =)