April 30, 2017

~warkah cinderella 135~ !!April 2017!!

Dear Mr B that I love the most..

It's been a while I didn't pass by written anything here..

It's not to late to welcome 2017 since we are in April..

Hola twenty seventeen!!

I'm sorry leaving this blog without new update as I'm too busy with my life..

I have really pack schedule throughout  the year..

Yes, I'm still a single lady with a beautiful heart.. Hahahaha

So many things happened in my life but sorry again because I don't have enough time to write it here..

Just a simple wish for 2017..

Hoping that everything happen in my life this year is wonderful..

If I have a free time I will write about my holiday in Perth on 4th March 2017..

Please pray for me to be a hardworking girl so that I've time to write here always..

If you miss me then you can email "I miss you" at dealoveshafrina@gmail.com..


Perasan sungguh macam ada orang baca blog dia.. K la.. Till next update.. Muah..


With Love
Dealove Shafrina