September 1, 2014

~warkahcinderella 123~ !! September 2014!!

Assalammualaikum and hye Mr B..
It's first September 2014..
It's not late to wish Happy Merdeka to all Malaysian and happy holidays too..
To all silent readers, hopefully you enjoy reading here..

Currently, i'm fighting with my innerself to be strong 💪 like MaleK Noor.. Yeah, i'm not really genius like Einstein but i'm a kind of hardworking person to finish whatever I have started..

Please pray for me to have a great job and a great husband..Currently i'm in the middle of forgetting someone.. Not as hard as the first one.. Maybe next year will be settle for everything..

I'm hoping that everyone who is reading 📖 my blog will pray for a great things will happened in my life..

Last but not least, thanks for your time to read my blog.. May Allah ease our journey here and the hereafter..And lastly, I Love you So much..